Do you prefer receiving your proceeds via wire transfer or having a physical check delivered to you? Either way, Ckezepis Law, PLLC, will get you your money fast!

Ckezepis Law, PLLC, Check Delivery

North Carolina law requires that proceeds must not be released until the transaction has been recorded with the Register of Deeds office. Ckezepis Law, PLLC, initiates wire transfers the day the transaction records with the Register of Deeds office.

One of our most valuable relationships we have is with our bank. We decided to use a local bank because we felt they offered a greater personal service so we can better serve our clients. Our bank does not charge us a per-wire fee. Therefore, whether you want a single wire, or need the proceeds separately disbursed, you will not incur extra fees for each disbursement. Ckezepis Law charges one flat fee regardless of how you prefer your proceeds.

To see our Banking Administration Fee, visit our Rates page.