When you hire Ckezepis Law, PLLC, to conduct your closing, you will be confident throughout the entire process by accessing our Client Portal! 

Ckezepis Law, PLLC, Client Portal

This allows you to see exactly which tasks have been completed, are currently being worked on, and those still to come prior to your closing. There are numerous tasks that an attorney completes throughout the closing process. Everything from conducting the title search, to coordinating with Home Owners Associations, and your Mortgage Lender. Our system allows you to see each and every task associated with your closing. You can also submit questions directly through your portal so we can respond quickly. For added security, you will be able to upload your confidential documents directly through your portal.

Current clients can access their portal on our Client Portal Access page.

Whether you are on your computer or your smart phone, you can access your Client Portal 24/7. You have a lot going on while buying or selling your home. So rather than spending time wondering what is going on with your closing and calling the attorney’s office to find out which tasks have or have not been completed, hiring Ckezepis Law, PLLC, will save you unnecessary headaches and sleepless nights.

After you have scheduled your closing, you will receive an email with the link to access our Client Portal.

Agents: Our Client Portal is designed to simplify the hassle of coordinating closings for multiple clients. With your single login, you will be able to access all closings you have with us.